Dirt interview with Kurt Cobain, 1990

DIRT: What's going on tonight? They won't let you sound check?
KURDT: Bad organization as usual.
DIRT: Does this happen to you guys a lot?
KURDT: Yeah. Seeing bad organization on such a small level makes me realize why the world is so fucked up.
DIRT: Do you think if you were playing at bigger venues people would be more organized?
DIRT: You guys are known, actually, as being a "SubPop band." What do you think of that?
KURDT: Well, when someone walks up to me and says, "You're my favorite SubPop band," I think -- geez, we're you're favorite out of five bands? What about the rest of the country? I don't know. It just scares me. I wonder whether they like us because we're a SubPop band or because we're ourselves.
DIRT: What do you think of the other SubPop bands?
KURDT: I love 'em. It's not like I have to say, "Oh our label's great. We have good bands." I really like the bands on the label. It isn't because Jon and Bruce (who run SubPop) are marketing geniuses. It's because they have good bands on their label. They do a good job of promotion.
DIRT: I heard they based the whole label on the Motown idea... the regional thing... taking a lot of bands from the same region and marketing them all in one packaged deal.
KURDT: It's not as if they've all packaged all these bands and told us to all go out there and play fuzz guitar.
DIRT: Were you influenced by each other?
KURDT: I dont really think so because most of the bands have been around. They didn't all start up around the same time. I think every Seattle band is just influenced by punk rock. There's always been a good, strong punk rock scene in Seattle. So it's been around for awhile.

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