Okay, so here’s some information about the band called Nirvana. I update this every once in a while, cause here’s just a small piece of truth.

Nirvana was an American punk rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic, who had met each other in 1985, in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. First they called the band “Fecal Matter” until Kurt decided that they will be Nirvana and the name stuck. In early days they had lots of drummers, part of them just playing one show or two. Chad Channing played drums on their first record. Dave Grohl finally joined Nirvana in 1990 and was part of the band till the end.

Nirvanas debut album Bleach (the name comes from AIDS prevention poster Kurt saw when they were driving through San Francisco) was recorded in Seattle at a cost of only US$606.17 and released on June 15, 1989 through the independent record label Sub Pop. After their succes of another album, Bleach was reissued in 1992 and it sold over 1.7 million albums in the United States. There’s also remastered 20th Anniversary Edition of the album wich was released in 2009 with an additional live recording of a Nirvana show from the period. Producer of the album were Jack Endino and the record has 13 songs in it.

Nevermind (first called “Sheep”) was their second studio album, released on September 24, 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind was the group’s first release on DGC Records. It became a surprise success in late 1991, largely due to the popularity of its first single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. By January 1992, it had replaced Michael Jackson’s album Dangerous at number one on the Billboard charts. By the start of the 1990s, Sub Pop was experiencing financial difficulties. With rumors that Sub Pop would sign up as a subsidiary for a major label, the band decided to start to look for a major label. A number of labels courted the band, but Nirvana ultimately signed with Geffen Records.
Nevermind was recorded May–June 1991 at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys and Devonshire, North Hollywood, California. “Polly” were recorded in April 1990 at Smart Studios, Madison, Wisconsin.

Before Nirvana was ready to record third album, they decided to release Incesticide for impatient fans. It’s a compilation album that consists of demos, outtakes, and radio broadcast recordings. It was widely reported in the music press that the band wanted to offer fans a higher-quality alternative, but in the book Cobain Unseen, Charles R. Cross reveals that Kurt Cobain agreed to the release of this compilation because he was allowed complete control over the album’s artwork. Incesticide was released on December 14, 1992 in Europe, and December 15, 1992 in the United States.

In Utero is the third and final studio album of Nirvana, released on September 21, 1993, on DGC Records. To capture a more abrasive and natural sound, the group hired producer Steve Albini to record In Utero during a two-week period in February 1993 at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. The group was not fully satisfied with the sound Albini had captured. Albini declined to alter the album further, and ultimately the band hired Scott Litt to make minor changes to the album’s sound and remix the singles “Heart-Shaped Box” and “All Apologies”. Upon release, In Utero debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart in September 1993. Although commercially successful, the album did not achieve the same success as Nevermind. That fall, Nirvana embarked on its first major tour of the United States in two years. For the tour, the band added Pat Smear of the punk rock band Germs as a second guitarist.

In early 1994, the band embarked on a European tour. Following a tour stop at Terminal Eins in Munich, Germany, on March 1, Cobain was diagnosed with bronchitis and severe laryngitis. The next night’s show, at the same venue, was canceled cause Kurt couldn’t take it anymore. In Rome, on the morning of March 4, Love found Cobain unconscious in their hotel room and he was rushed to the hospital. A doctor from the hospital told a press conference that Cobain had reacted to a combination of prescription Rohypnol and alcohol. The rest of the tour was canceled, including a planned leg in the UK. Not long after that, on Friday, April 8, 1994, Cobain was found dead of a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head at his Seattle home. That was official end of Nirvana, but to Kurt Cobain it was already over. He had started to hate almost everything else but his daughter, Frances Bean. Before Kurt died he talked about divorcing his wife Courtney Love and firing Krist and Dave from Nirvana. Starting over.

Krist Anthony Novoselic II (born May 16, 1965) is an American Croat rock musician, the bassist and co-founder of the grunge band Nirvana. For most of his life, Novoselic had chosen to go by the English spelling of his name, Chris. However, following a 1993 trip to Croatia, Novoselic decided to honor his heritage and return to the original spelling of his name, Krist. His first wife was Shelli Dilley; he met her in high school, and they began dating in 1985. They were married in December 1989; they divorced in late 1999. In 1986 Novoselic’s brother Robert walked in with his friend Kurt Cobain, who had noticed loud music coming from upstairs. Robert told Cobain that it was his older brother, who listened to punk rock. Cobain eventually befriended the elder Novoselic and the pair ended up sharing similar musical tastes, including a fondness for local band The Melvins. The two had several mutual friends and began hanging out shortly thereafter. Some time later, Cobain gave Novoselic a demo tape of his band Fecal Matter. After several months of indecision, Novoselic finally listened to the tape, liked it, and agreed to start a band with Cobain.

David Eric “Dave” Grohl (born January 14, 1969) is an American rock musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Grohl began his music career in the 1980s as the drummer for several Washington, D.C.-area bands, including the hardcore punk band Scream. In 1990 he became the drummer for grunge group Nirvana. Following the death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in April 1994, Grohl formed Foo Fighters as frontman and songwriter. While playing in Scream, Grohl became a fan of The Melvins and eventually befriended the band. During a 1990 tour stop on the west coast, The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne took a couple of his friends, Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, to see the band. Later Novoselic invited Grohl to Seattle, where Grohl attended Nirvana’s infamous show at the Motor Sports Garage, the one Nirvana show that featured Dan Peters on drums. (Grohl admitted to Rolling Stone magazine in 2005 that he spent most of Nirvana’s set outside talking to a friend.) Grohl subsequently auditioned for the band, and soon joined them full-time.

Kurt Donald Cobain, also known as Kurdt Kobain, (February 20, 1967 Aberdeen, Washington, U.S. – April 5, 1994 Seattle, Washington, U.S.) was an American singer-songwriter, musician, and artist, best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain was disenchanted after early touring with Nirvana, due to the band’s inability to draw substantial crowds and the apparent difficulty in sustaining themselves. During their first few years playing together, Novoselic and Cobain were hosts to a rotating list of drummers. Eventually, the band settled on Chad Channing, with whom Nirvana recorded the album Bleach, released on Sub Pop Records in 1989. Cobain, however, became dissatisfied with Channing’s style, leading the band to find a new drummer, eventually settling on Dave Grohl. Cobain struggled to reconcile the massive success of Nirvana to his underground roots. He also felt persecuted by the media, comparing himself to Frances Farmer. He began to harbour resentments for people who claimed to be fans of the band yet refused to acknowledge, or misinterpreted, the band’s social and political views. On 24 February 1992, a few days after the conclusion of Nirvana’s Pacific Rim tour, Cobain and Love were married on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. She and Kurt got one child, Frances Bean Cobain (born August 18, 1992)